Oliver & Eden - Large Premium Fresh Meat Selection

Restock your fridge with this excellent Premium Fresh Meat Selection from Oliver & Eden. Includes : Premium cuts of Beef Steak, Bacon, Mince Beef, Sausages, Chopped Pork, Beef Stewing Steak and Pork Chops .

Steak Mince 5% Minimum fat - Minimum 380grams
Pork Steak - Minimum 345grams
Rump Steak - Minimum 420grams
Diced Pork - Minimum 390grams
Stewing Steak - Minimum 335grams
Back Bacon - Minimum 360grams
Lean Cumberland Sausage  - Minimum 420grams

Sausage Ingredients 

Ingredients Lean Cumberland Sausage: 
Beef, Cumberland Pork, Wheat, Gluten, Celery, White Pepper, Sulphites

Lean Mince less than 5% Fat 

*Suitable for home Freezing 
**Locally Sourced


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Oliver & Eden - Large Premium Fresh Meat Selection

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