NIL LIVING: Cotton Tampons | Regular from DAME

Cotton Tampons from DAME

14 non-applicator tampons made with GOTS certified organic cotton.

Sideways expansion for leak-free, trusted comfort.

Natural ingredients for sensitive skin.

Free from, bleaches, plastics, synthetics, toxins, and dyes.


• Hypoallergenic

• pH neutral

• Biodegradable

“What are DAME tampons made of?

100% natural organic cotton, that's it. No plastic cover stock, no synthetics and no harsh chemicals.

How are DAME tampons better for my body?

The average woman uses 12,000 tampons in her lifetime, that's a tampon inside you for a total SEVEN years.

With a DAME tampon, you're only putting pure organic cotton inside your vagina, no harsh chemicals, no synthetic additives, and absolutely no plastic.

We believe women's bodies deserve the best.

How are DAME tampons better for the planet?

Unlike conventional tampons, DAME tampons are free from any chemicals, additives or plastic. And they're fully biodegradable.

So when you throw a DAME tampon in the bin, it will return to nature without causing chemical or plastic pollution (DAME, 2020).

NIL LIVING: Cotton Tampons | Regular from DAME

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