Matthew's Cheese: Croome Welsh Cheese Truckle Trio

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TINTERN: Welsh Cheddar with onions, chives and shallots

Y-FENNI: Welsh Cheddar with wholegrain mustard and ale

HARLECH: Welsh Cheddar with horseradish and parsley

Tintern Truckle: Cheddar cheese (90%) (MILK), onions (6%), chives (1%), shallots (1%), water, preservative: E202


Y-Fenni Trauckle: Cheddar cheese (89%) (MILK), wholegrain MUSTARD (9.5%) (water, MUSTARD seeds, white wine vinegar, glucose-fructose syrup, MUSTARD flour, salt, acidity regulator (acetic acid) cinnamon, pimento, turmeric powder), real ale (water, malted BARLEY, WHEAT flour, hops), water, MUSTARD bran, preservative: E202


Harlech Truckle: Cheddar cheese (84%) (MILK), horseradish sauce (15%) (water, rapeseed oil, dried horseradish, sugar, pasteurised EGG yolk, acidity regulator (acetic acid), salt, MUSTARD flour, stabiliser (kanthan gum) preservative (potassium sorbet), natural flavouring (contains MUSTARD), Preservative: E202 Parsley

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Matthew's Cheese: Croome Welsh Cheese Truckle Trio

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