Matthew's Cheese: Cashel Blue - 200g

This semi-hard cashel blue cheese is a quintessentially Irish cheese made on the family farm of the Grubbs. The family have been farming and involved in agriculture in the county of Tipperary in Ireland since 1719 and named their cheese, developed in 1984, after the Rock of Cashel, where tradition has it that St Patrick started converting the pagan Irish to Christianity.

The Cashel Blue cheese is created with fully pasteurised milk, all produced either on the family farm or those close by, and can be bought at varying stages of maturation, starting from as young as 6-10 weeks. At it’s younger stages the Cashel Blue can be quite firm, becoming increasingly softer as it develops and ages.

Cashel is mild for a blue cheese, but has characteristic large blue flecks throughout creating a marble pattern with the blue veins. It is not dependant on season, but does improve when the cows are out to pasture for longer, and so the prime time for buying Cashel Blue is between the months of April and October.


Matthew's Cheese: Cashel Blue - 200g

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