La Casa: Spanish Sauces

La Casa Spanish sauces range included:

Salsa Brava: smoky and fiery tomato and red pepper sauce, originally from Madrid. Tomatoes and piquillo peppers are combined with garlic, smoked hot paprika and cayenne pepper to create a spicy hot sauce. The rich heat makes it perfect with fried potatoes in the classic Spanish dish of 'Patatas Bravas'.

Salsa Romesco: rich, mildly spicy sauce, made with Noras peppers, tomatoes, almonds and nibbed hazelnuts.

Salsa Mojo Verde: Mojo Verde is a mildly spicy green pepper and herb salsa made using fresh parsley and coriander. Perfect for fish and seafood as well as grilled vegetables.

Salsa Mojo Picon: The Mojo Picon Rojo is made using sweet red Piquillo peppers and lots of chillies. Serve with potatoes (Papas con Mojo), meats or roasted vegetables. It's great also as a marinade for barbequed chicken!

All sauces weigh 130g

Salsa Romesco: Contains nuts (Almonds & Hazelnuts)
Salsa Brava: none
Salsa mojo verde: contains sulphites
Salso mojo picon: contains sulphites

Salsa Romesco: Tomatoes, roasted peppers, noras pepper paste (peppers, citric acid), extra virgin olive oil, hazelnuts, almonds, purple garlic (garlic, salt, citric acid), hot Spanish paprika, salt cornflour, black pepper.

Salsa Brava: Tomatoes, piquillo peppers, onions, water, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, purple garlic (purple garlic, salt, citric acid), smoked hot paprika, cornflour, spices, sugar, salt, black pepper.

Salsa mojo verde: Green peppers, water, extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar, corriander, purple garlic (purple garlic, salt, citric acid), sugar, green jalapeno chillies, parsley, cornflour, salt.

Salsa mojo picon: Piquillo peppers, extra virgin olive oil, water, purple garlic (purple garlic, salt, citric acid), sherry vinegar, sugar, salt, cornflour, hot Spanish paprika, red chillies, cumin, and emulsifier: xanthan gum.

La Casa: Spanish Sauces

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