Hector Hall: Pink Grapefruit 2-Pack

No online grocery delivery order is complete without Hector Hall: Pink Grapefruit 2-Pack from Grainger Market Delivery.  

Did you know that Grapefruits are the only citrus fruit that originated in the Americas? They were discovered in Barbados in the 1750s. 

Grapefruits are a cross between a pomelo and an orange – fruits that were brought to the Americas by Spaniards as early as the 15th century.

Grapefruits were first planted in Florida between the 1820s and 1840s, with most people planting them for their gorgeous appearance. Picture it - large trees with dark green leaves and clusters of beautiful yellow fruit. 

But once people discovered their delicious taste, grapefruit were shipped across the nation, and eventually the world.

Trust Grainger Market Delivery to deliver them straight to your door!


Min. Weight 200g

Hector Hall: Pink Grapefruit 2-Pack

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