Dumplings & Buns: Dumpling & Bun Variety Selection

Dumplings & Buns has selected a mix of authentic delicious handmade Chinese Dumplings and Buns with Dipping sauce . Enjoy this marvellous Street Food, just 'Heat & Eat'! 

Includes 10 mixed Dumplings and 2 Roast BBQ Buns with Dipping sauce. 

To Reheat:

If you order our Heat & Eat dumplings & buns, here are some heating tips:
* Microwave: ~1.5 -2 mins depends on microwave power
* Steam: ~10 mins from boiling* Pan fry: ~1-2 mins on each side or till golden brown



Pork & Cabbage- minced pork, spring onions, ginger, Soya sauce, cooking wine, salt, pepper, sugar, Sesame oil, 5 spices powder, chicken powder and Chinese leaf cabbage 

Chilly Beef & Sweet Carrot - minced lean beef, bird eye chili, white pepper, beef stock, cooking wine, salt, sweet carrots 

Chicken & Mushroom - minced chicken thighs, chicken stock, salt, pepper, onions, mushroom

Tofu & Seasonal Vegetables - Tofu(Soya), salt, pepper, Sesame oil, seasonal vegetables 

Roast Barbecue Pork ​​​- pork belly, sugar, salt, pepper, Oyster sauce, Soya sauce, Sesame oil, cooking wine 

Custard - Butter, Egg, Milk, sugar, coconut

Red Bean - Red Bean, sugar, butter


Dumpling wrapper - Wheat flour

Buns - Wheat flour, yeast, sugar, baking powder 

Dipping Sauce - Chilli, Soy Sauce (Soya Bean Extract), Garlic, Ginger

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Dumplings & Buns: Dumpling & Bun Variety Selection

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