Chirtons: 6 Lindisfarne Oysters
Chirtons: 6 Lindisfarne Oysters

Chirtons: 6 Lindisfarne Oysters from Grainger Market Delivery are luxurious oysters from the Lindisfarne coast. Chirton Fisheries is a purveyor of fine locally sourced crustaceans, sea and fresh fish.

The Lindisfarne Oyster Farm lies on the site of the oyster beds established by the Monks of Lindisfarne Priory, and Lindisfarne Oysters is a family-run business that was established in 1989. 

Lindisfarne Oysters are available all year round, beginning life in a hatchery, and transferred to the oyster beds in the sea off Lindisfarne when they're about the size of a thumbnail. 

They lie in fine mesh bags lying on intertidal trestles, using only the cool, pure Lindisfarne waters for food - taking up to four years to reach maturity.

That's why you know you're getting only top quality shellfish from Grainger Market Delivery, plus oysters are a versatile and key ingredient in a variety of tasty recipes. 

Sold in sets of 6

Ingredients: Haddock

Chirtons: 6 Lindisfarne Oysters

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