Matthew's Cheese - Fine cheese selection of the day - 600g

Matthew's Cheese - Fine cheese selection of the day - 600g from Grainger Market Delivery is crying out to be devoured by you or the recipient of this lovely unique gift that's bound to delight a foodie friend! 

The cheese experts at Matthew's Cheese have curated only the very best fine cheese selection to please every palate, so look no further for all your cheeseboard favourites because they're right here, under your nose!

If you'd like to ask us a question, please do get in touch with us here at Grainger Market Delivery - we're always happy to help!

5 - 7 Pieces randomly selected from : Cheddar with Red Onion, French Brie, Crumbly Lancashire, Garsdale Cheddar with Garlic, Charcoal Cheddar, Blue Stilton, Hawes Wensleydale with Cranberrys, White Stilton with Ginger & Mango, Scottish Cheddar, Sage Derby - Mild herb cheese, Applewood Smoked Creamy Cheddar, Red Windsor  - Cheddar with Port, Sticky toffee  - cheddar with toffee , Dates & Raisins .Wolds Gold - Duble Goucester with Whole Grain Mustard & Horseraddish. * Please note all our Cheese selections are in sealed bags for peace of mind and security.

Can State NO BLUE CHEESE in the dietary requirements box below. 

Min weight: 600g

Cheddar with Red Onion

Pasteurised cows milk, red onion, chive, salt, rennet, starter culture. (Vegetarian)


French Brie

Pasteurised cows milk, salt, rennet, starter culture, calcium chloride, mould cultures.


Crumbly Lancashire

Pasteurised cows milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, starter culture.


Garsdale Cheddar with Garlic

Pasteurised cows milk, garlic, salt, starter culture, vegetarian rennet.


Charcoal Cheddar
Contains Milk


Blue Stilton

Pasteurised cows milk, salt, rennet, starter culture, mould culture.


Wendleydale and Cranberries

Contains Milk


White stilton with Ginger and Mango

Pasteurised cows milk, salt ,microbial rennet, starter cultures, sweetened dehydrated mango, mango, sugar, anti-oxidant (citric acid) preservatives (sulphur dioxide), crystalised ginger, ginger, sugar, sodiam bica. (Vegetarian)


Scottish Cheddar

Pasteurised cows milk, salt, starter culture, vegetarian rennet.


Sage Derby

Pasteurised Cow's Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Sage Leaves, Rennet, Chlorophyll: (Colour).


Applewood smoked cheddar

Cheddar cheese (pasteurised cows milk), smoked paprika flavouring.


Red Windsor

Mild White Cheddar (milk), Pasteurised Cows Milk, Salt, Starter, Culture, Microbial Rennet, Port, Carmine, Water


Sticky toffee cheddar

Milk, salt, rennet, cultures , chopped dates (dates, rice flour), raisins (raisins, vegetable oil), toffee pieces (white granulates sugar, glucose surup (wheat), sweetened condensed milk (milk, sugar), palm oil (RPSO segregated), butter(milk). oil, sticky toffee sauce). 


Wolds Gold

Sulphur dioxide, mustard, milk, Pasteurised cows milk, salt, rennet, starter cultures, annatto (E160b), horseradish (water, vegetable oil, turnip, sugar, cream (6%)(milk), horseradish (5%), egg, milk, salt, acetic acid, flavouring, mustard flour, stabiliser: xantham gum, preservative: potassium).


Allergens shown in bold

Matthew's Cheese - Fine cheese selection of the day - 600g

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