Matthews Cheese: 'Ewe Nanny!'.... Goat & Sheep Platter

Some of the tastiest flavoursome cheese is made from Sheep and goats Milk. Heres six of our Master Cheese Monger Lisa's favourites from own region, Northumblerand and Tyneside and further afield...

Chevre  - Creamy Goats cheese and perfect as a Starter for dinner
Smoked Chevre - Creamy as above but with that Oak smoked flavour
Feta - Plain Feta that perfect for salads , crumbly and moist.
Choice then of Smoked Feta or Fetaliva - Which is Feta with Olives and Jalepinos ( indicate in the dietary options) 
Lisa's Choice 'Cheese of the day' Ewe or Goats Cheese 

Allegens: Diary 


Milk, Salt, Rennet.

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Matthews Cheese: 'Ewe Nanny!'.... Goat & Sheep Platter

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