Matthews Cheese - Fine cheese selection of the day

5 - 7 Pieces randomly selected from : Cheddar with Red Onion, French Brie, Crumbly Lancashire, Garsdale Cheddar with Garlic, Charcoal Cheddar, Blue Stilton, Hawes Wensleydale with Cranberrys, White Stilton with Ginger & Mango, Scottish Cheddar, Sage Derby - Mild herb cheese, Applewood Smoked Creamy Cheddar, Red Windsor  - Cheddar with Port, Sticky toffee  - cheddar with toffee , Dates & Raisins .Wolds Gold - Duble Goucester with Whole Grain Mustard & Horseraddish. * Please note all our Cheese selections are in sealed bags for peace of mind and security.

Allergens: Contains Milk,Dairy - Can State NO BLUE CHEESE in the dietary requirements box below. 

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Matthews Cheese - Fine cheese selection of the day

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