Fresh mushrooms from Hector Hall Greengrocers , delivered from Grainger Market across Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East of the UK.

Hector Hall: Fresh Mushrooms 450g from Grainger Market Delivery - a must-have if you're looking to shop top-flight groceries online. 

Hector Hall offers only the highest possible quality produce at the lowest price, topped off with excellent customer service. 

For years people thought mushrooms moved around like other types of seed, like wind blowing the seeds around or through the water supply.

But studies from Harvard University show that some mushrooms can actually generate their own wind, pushing themselves up to four inches up and sideways! This means that they can slowly grow and develop a colony of mushrooms across a forest floor.

Mushrooms truly are amazing!

Add these Hector Hall: Mushrooms - 450g to your grocery list today!

Ingredients: Mushrooms

Hector Hall: Mushrooms - 450g

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