Dumpling & Buns: Dumpling-making kit for two
Dumpling & Buns: Dumpling-making kit for two

A dumpling making kit to make your own dumplings at home! Make up to 50, depending on dough thickness. This kit includes:

- 2 bamboo steaming baskets with lid

- Dumpling dough (500g)

- Chicken mushroom filling (125g)

- Chilli beef filling (125g)

- Pork cabbage filling (125g)

- 3 ready made bbq pork buns

- Wooden rolling pin

- Dumpling dipping sauce

- Chopsticks rest

- Choice of Premium chopsticks or Chinese New Year Paper Lantern


Pork & Cabbage - minced pork, spring onions, ginger, Soya sauce, cooking wine, salt, pepper, sugar, Sesame oil, 5 spices powder, chicken powder and Chinese leaf cabbage 

Chilly Beef & Sweet Carrot - minced lean beef, bird eye chili, white pepper, beef stock, cooking wine, salt, sweet carrots

Chicken & Mushroom - minced chicken thighs, chicken stock, salt, pepper, onions, mushroom Tofu & Seasonal Vegetables - Tofu(Soya), salt, pepper, Sesame oil, seasonal vegetables

Roast Barbecue Pork ​​​- pork belly, sugar, salt, pepper, Oyster sauce, Soya sauce, Sesame oil, cooking wine


Allergens: wheat, Soya


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Dumpling & Buns: Dumpling-making kit for two

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