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  1. IBERIAN HAM – BEHER 100gr


This nutty, melt-in-the-mouth ham is from the pure-bred black-footed Iberico Pata Negra pigs. These are the pigs descended from wild boar, fed on mixed grains including acorns. The ham is hand-carved by master carver, Anselmo Pérez, who has won 11 Spanish awards in this very concise art. His knowledge and experience are such that he is able to unveil the secrets of the ham in every perfectly balanced slice, so that it can be enjoyed to the maximum. Before eating, allow the ham to reach room temperature, so that its flavours can be released and fully appreciated.



6.4% vol

Alhambra Reserva is the ultra premium beer, artistically crafted and reserved for the most demanding beer lovers. With its intense and exquisite flavour and elite design, bowling pin, embossed bottle. Slow crafted in Spain, Alhambra Reserva beer is made with the purest water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the best cereals from the south of Spain, following the original recipe from 1925.

A golden amber colour and light toasted aroma and a thick, creamy head with good retention. Full bodied, firm and a well rounded pleasant flavour. A perfectly balanced, bitter sweet flavour with notes of bitter orange and a hint of caramel flavour at the end.


- 200gr

Traditional mini breadsticks with extra virgin olive oil.

Iberian Ham INGREDIENTS: Iberico ham, salt, sugar, antioxidants (E331iii; E301), preservative (E252).


Bread Sticks INGREDIENTS: wheat, water, extra virgin olive oil (8%), salt and yeast.


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La Casa: Classic Tapas Gift

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