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Shop Fresh, Eat Fresh!

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Shop fresh, eat fresh! In the early days of Breakfast TV before Piers Morgan was allowed anywhere near a studio, there was TV-AM. It was the early 80s and 1950s film star Diana Dors, dubbed the British Marilyn Monroe, was on it plugging her weight loss and healthy eating tips including a weekly weigh-in on those big red scales you used to see in supermarkets and at the seaside.   Legend has it she’d give the presenters a little kick off-camera as a signal for them to keep schtum if the scales went up not down because like all the best people she was a sucker for...

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Halloween: Pumpkins, dark nights and super-stews – Autumn is here!

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  Pumpkins, dark nights and super-stews can mean only one thing: Autumn is here - and Halloween! A study of Australian and Danish populations found that people born in Autumn live longer than people born in spring, while another found that individuals born from September to November have a higher chance of reaching the age of 100 compared to those born in spring! Grainger Delivery’s Bryan Muers & Son, Hector Hall, and Hutton & Oliver are where it’s at for all the ingredients you need to make this magical season pop whichever time of year you were born.   Pumpkins Why do we carve...

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