Craft Beers are here!

Grainger Market’s very own Firebrick Brewery has craft brewing down to an art and its 16 outstanding beer brands across both Mystical and Heritage ranges are soon to be available right here on Grainger Delivery. 

Firebrick top beer picks 

Here are some of our Firebrick Brewery top beer picks – so many to chose from!

Porter is a style of dark beer that originated in England during the 1700s and Firebrick’s Parson’s Porter brings this beer bang up to date with a few nods to its roots. It’s nothing to do with Nicolas Parsons but hold on just a minute, we reckon it’ll be your buy of the century. It’s one of our Firebrick top picks because of its deep ruby colour, big chocolate nose, plus we get coffee, spice, rum and raisin, all blanketed in a gentle smokiness. 

Then there’s Wey-Aye P.A. – an elegant IPA that’s proudly Newcastle with brass knobs on. Hops are the backbone of an IPA because back in the day India Pale Ales were heavily hopped to preserve the beer on their mammoth journey by sea and Firebrick has brilliantly woven this history into their IPA with a seahorse logo no less.  Seahorses pair for life and you’ll feel the same way about this beer. Guaranteed.  Brass knobs not included. 

The rise of craft beer 

The power of craft beer is small but mighty.  Droves of beer drinkers are removing their goggles and googling craft beers produced by small independents left right and centre in their quest for the authentic over those mainstream brands the global goliaths churn out. 

The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) 2020 YouGov poll results spell out the rise of craft beer in black and white with 50% of folk (up from 43% in 2019) saying that genuine craft beer must be produced by a small independent brewery. 

Those polled are likewise more switched on to quality in both the beer and its production.  Nearly a third said it should be a better quality beer, with 38% saying it should be made using traditional methods and 35% insisting that it should be crafted and not manufactured. Provenance is getting to be king with 22% saying a brewer should make it local to the area. 


Smaller craft brewers’ lower environmental impact and the general shift towards health-conscious living and sustainability has gone way beyond being a fringe concern of course - it’s a global movement on the march, beer in hand. 

And despite the UK craft beer category slowing down in 2019 because of challenging market conditions, the big brewers are continually striving to grab a piece of the pie through crafty-type beers and marketing showing that craft beer is one to watch.  

Plus there are still plenty of reasons to be cheerful despite the predicted volumes and growth being slowed down by the pandemic.

The global beer market 

The Beer Global Market Report 2020-30 and the COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Report says the industry is still set to see growth in 2021 - albeit at a reduced rate. The global beer (breweries) market is expected to increase from £154.58 billion in 2019 to £155.74 billion this year.

Trends to watch out for in 2021

Lager is often seen as the poor relation of the beer family. But it’s still a banger in pubs, and customers who are dipping their toes into the craft beer market might prefer to opt for something they’re comfortable with as their gateway to craft. We reckon more craft brewers will delve into the lager market in 2021 to capture this audience. 

By Jason Caddy

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